Patient & Caregiver Information

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Looking for information on your equipment or service? You’ve come to the right place. Find everything you need from service guides to how-to demonstrations for your equipment.

Guides and manuals

Patient Service Guide

Handbook containing information to help you understand your care, your supplies, and how to access needed services

Healthy at Home

Handbook outlining our telehealth program designed to keep you out of the hospital

Equipment guides

Access PDF versions of your equipment manuals and training guides

Connecting Hearts at Home

Handbook outlining our telehealth program for inotropic therapy patients

Payor listing

List of all in-network insurance providers

Patient Infusion Guide

Handbook with information to help you understand your therapy, the supplies you have been provided, and how to access needed services

Video library

Access our video library for helpful demonstrations of equipment set up, use and maintenance 


Other sources for patient education

Barnes Healthcare Services teams provide patients and caregivers initial and on-going education and support. Here you can find links and printable guides from other websites and foundations specific to your needs.

Additional sources

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