Lemons: liquid gold

Lemons: liquid gold

  • Use the lemon juice for your smoothies or fresh raw juices to help preserve and give a fresher taste as well as a dose of vitamin C.
  • Quick simple delicious-lemon chicken: marinate chicken with a few fresh garlic cloves chopped, olive oil, fresh parsley chopped, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Leave to marinate (the longer it marinates the tastier it gets) then sautée in a skillet. It will smell like the Mediterranean coast.. 
  • Whole foods Facial:  slice a lemon and rub on your face to remove grease and other particles, then mix coffee grounds with water to rub on your face to exfoliate and then rinse with water. Apply a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil to your face. 
  • Body scrub: mix salt, lemon juice, coconut oil or olive oil, and a few drops of essential oils to put into a mason jar. Scoop a tbsp out and rub into your skin as you are taking a shower
  • Common everyday uses for lemons: 
  • Consider planting a lemon tree next year so that you can have fresh lemons from your own yard. This is a healthy investment! They truly are liquid gold..

It’s lemon season!  

  • All fruits and vegetables are best when they are in season and when found locally. 
  • Below are some health benefits just from lemons.
  • Your going to want to find some today! 

 Recipes and ideas:

  •  One easy way to get your daily dose of immune boosting goodness is by simply squeezing a bit of lemon in your water. If you must sweeten it, try honey (another immune boosting ingredient) or maple syrup. Try it warm or cold!