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Our goal is to keep our patients out of the emergency department and hospital by providing continuous, long-term patient engagement and management.

Integrative, Innovative

Our trained clinicians embrace a collaborative process of assessment, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for our patients. 

Disease management programs

• Focused on treating people with well-defined chronic illnesses
• Support the primary care physician and plan of care
• Use outbound phone calls by a registered nurse to drive patient self-management
• Emphasize prevention of exacerbations and complications using evidence-based guidelines and patient empowerment strategies
• Evaluate clinical outcomes on an ongoing basis with the goal of improving overall health

Healthy at Home

Telehealth service designed to prevent hospital readmission


Connecting Hearts at Home

Education and telehealth service for inotropic therapy patients


Connecting PARTNERS in Care

Telehealth service offered to hospitals and care facilities


COPD Management

Our COPD management program is proven to reduce hospital readmissions


Proven outcomes

Since the initiation of the Healthy at Home program, Barnes has provided more than 800 chronically ill patients with disease management education and wellness coaching, achieving an 87% reduction in hospital readmissions and saving $14.2 million of unplanned hospital costs associated with hospital readmissions.

chronically ill patients
provided education

Reduction in hospital


Pharmacy services

Our pharmacists and pharmacy teams are ready to meet your every prescription and wellness need.

Infusion Pharmacy

Our full-service infusion pharmacies provide a wide array of infusion services in both in-home and in-suite settings.

Community Pharmacy

Located in the heart of downtown Valdosta, Barnes Drug Store has been serving the Valdosta-Lowndes area since 1909.

Parenteral Nutrition

Parenteral nutrition is nutrition support provided intravenously, bypassing the usual process of eating and digestion and may be used with both pediatric and adult patients. 

Infusion Pharmacy

Our expert clinicians and patient care coordinators provide clinical monitoring and support to safely and effectively administer high quality infusion services and tube feeding care to patients.

We work with your physicians throughout the course of therapy and take an integrative approach to guarantee each patient receives the specialized care he or she needs. Our full services pharmacies provide a wide array of infusion services, both in home and suite settings. 

In-home infusion services

Antibiotic therapy, parenteral nutrition (TPN), heart failure therapy, and more.

In-suite infusion services

Administration of all specialty infusion drugs as well as dressing changes and labs.

Barnes Drug Store

Your community pharmacy
for more than 100 years

200 South Patterson Street
Valdosta, GA 31601

Monday – Friday: 9:00am-6:00pm
Phone: 229-245-1925

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Community pharmacy services

Full retail pharmacy

Meeting all your prescription and OTC needs

Simplify My Meds

Save time and money with our auto-refill program

Medication Reconciliation

We work with your physicians to reduce the number of medications you need


Have your medications and equipment delivered right to your door at no cost!

Parenteral Nutrition

This form of nutrition service falls under the infusion pharmacy.

Our nutrition support team provides enhanced care for parenteral nutrition patients, focusing on improving the quality of life of our patients with ongoing support from our certified infusion nursing staff, regular communication with our experienced pharmacists and nutritionists and open and direct communication with the physician.

Our program features:
• In-hospital teaching and initiation of therapy before discharge
• Formula customization
• Nutrient deficiency assessment
• Weekly lab monitoring

Enteral nutrition

Our team evaluates each patient’s needs to ensure they have the education, resources, products and services needed to meet each patient’s individual nutritional needs and improve their quality of life.

Our program includes:
• Detailed initial nutrition assessment
• Dietician available to make formula recommendations
• Ongoing nutrition monitoring and intervention as needed to improve care and save costs

Methods of enteral nutrition delivery

Your physician, along with the Barnes Healthcare Services’ nutrition support team, will determine the exact formula, delivery method, amount of formula and schedule to meet your specific needs.

Syringe feeding

Also known as bolus feeding, formula is placed into a syringe and flows slowly into the feeding tube.

Pump feeding

Formula is placed into a bag with tubing and is pumped through the tubing by an external mechanical pump.

Gravity feeding

Formula is placed in a bag which is hung on an IV pole and suspended above the patient. The formula flows through the connected tubing and into the patient.

Respiratory services

We do more than provide respiratory equipment; we provide excellent caregiver support and on-going clinical support to all of our patients.

Types of respiratory therapies

We are committed to meeting the individual needs of each patient by providing respiratory care that improves quality of life.

Oxygen therapy

We provide a full line of oxygen equipment including stationary and portable concentrators and the Homefill System. Our trained patient service technicians will provide education and set up of all equipment in the comfort of your home.

Sleep therapy

Our respiratory care practitioners can help you get treatment for sleep apnea. Our licensed RCPs perform all CPAP/BiPAP set-ups and educate patients and caregivers regarding sleep apnea, proper operation of equipment, and also ensure a proper fitting and suitable mask.

Ventilation services

Adult and pediatric invasive and non-invasive ventilation

Working with the physician, discharge planner, and caregivers, we create a plan to get the patient home with the right care, equipment, and other services that might be needed.

Renown non-invasive ventilation program

An independent study found that modeling the Barnes Healthcare Services COPD Management program could save 2.6 billion dollars of annual direct COPD healthcare expenditures in the United States.

The study found our multifaceted intervention which involves initiation of nocturnal advanced PAP modality (AVAPS-AE), respiratory therapist-led respiratory care, medication reconciliation, appropriate oxygen therapy initiation, and patient
education led to significant reduction in rehospitalization.

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