Our Quality Program

In today’s healthcare environment, everyone is aware of the high cost of providing health care. More than ever, healthcare providers are seeking to decrease unnecessary healthcare costs and prevent unnecessary hospital readmissions.

Patients with COPD and other breathing disorders are of particular risk with incurring these costs.

Noninvasive ventilation is an evidence based approach to prevent hospital readmissions in chronic respiratory failure patients. Our comprehensive program, that includes noninvasive ventilation was evaluated to document the outcomes our patient's experienced. In a retrospective study, Coughlin et al validated that our program reduced the 30 day readmission rate to less than 1 percent.*

COPD Disease Management: The Barnes Program Retro Review Results¹

  • Reduced the number of hospital admissions in patients by 719 in the year following enrollment
  • Saving an estimated $15.3 million
    • Inflation-adjusted 2014 cost per COPD admission of $21.323
  • Cost to payers approximately $7.3 million
    • Allowable reimbursement rate NIPPV (EO464) $1537.95/month/patient
    • Implementing the Barnes program for all 397 patients
  • Total healthcare cost saving estimated at $8 million

Furthermore, we looked at our readmission rates one year after initiation of our quality improvement program. 87.7% didn't have any readmissions for the following year. 10.1% had one readmission in a year with only 2.2% having 2 or more readmissions in a year. Please check our website periodically for our most up to date outcomes.

Admissions among the 397 COPD patients enrolled in the QI program. n(%), unless otherwise stated

¹Coughlin, PhD. Steven, Wei Liang, PhD, and Sairam Parthasarathy, MD. "Retrospective Assessment of Home Ventilation to Reduce Rehospitalization in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.* Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine 11.06(2015): 663-70. Print.

Number of COPD Patients enrolled in program each year, followed by number who had a hospital readmission in < 30 days. Totals are through November 2015.


Dollars spent on COPD admissions each year before and after program initiation. Difference represents healthcare dollars saved per year. Totals are through November 2015.


Customer Testimonial

It is not an exaggeration to say that your respiratory therapist, Melinda, has contributed greatly to saving my father's life. She is incredibly warm and extremely knowledgeable. She has been at my father's bedside every single day and is always available to us by phone (including once at 5:00 a.m. on Monday morning). Melinda has also spent a considerable amount of time teaching my mother how to operate the Trilogy machine. Melinda even went over to Northside Hospital to meet with my father's pulmonologist in order to custom tailor ventilation settings for the machine. Your company should always do what they can to keep this sterling representative.

-David G. Goodchild, Jr., DMD

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