At Barnes Healthcare Services (BHCS), we do more than provide respiratory equipment; we provide excellent caregiver support and on-going clinical support to all of our patients. We are committed to meeting the individual needs of each patient by providing respiratory care that improves their quality of life.

Proper assessment and education are key components of our REST and COPD programs. Barnes Healthcare Services’ licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCP) offer education and training, clinical assessments, testing and 24 hour phone support. All of our RCPs are COPD educator certified and will work with your physician to provide a treatment plan tailored just for you. 

Our Respiratory Services include:

Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen therapy can be delivered in numerous ways and our trained Patient Care Coordinators will assist in finding the model that works best for the patient’s lifestyle and daily activities. BHCS provides a full line of oxygen equipment including stationary and portable concentrators and the Homefill System. Our trained Patient Service Technicians will provide education and set up of all equipment in the comfort of your home.

Invacare Homefill Overview

Airsep Freestyle Portable Concentrator

Eclipse Portable Concentrator


Sleep Therapy
Many people do not realize that lack of sufficient sleep can trigger mild to potentially life-threatening consequences from weight gain to a heart attack.  Our RCPs can help you or the one you care for get treatment for sleep apnea. We are determined to exceed the expectations of our patients and referral sources, and demonstrate our high clinical standards. Our licensed RCPs perform all CPAP/BiPAP set-ups. During initial set-up your RCP will educate patient and caregiver regarding sleep apnea, proper operation of the equipment, and also ensure a proper fitting and suitable mask for the patient.

Barnes Healthcare Services is committed to helping each patient get a good night’s sleep with our REST program. We offer comprehensive patient education, clinical assessments, wireless compliance monitoring and ongoing follow-ups to identify additional needs. Our REST follow-up program begins after your first night of using the CPAP and your first assessment will be within 48 hours of set-up. Since your first 90 days using CPAP is the most crucial, Barnes’ Rest Team will continue to provide scheduled follow-ups during this time. We are committed to helping you become compliant with your sleep therapy. 

Sleep Apnea Treatment - PAP Therapy

Philips Respironics - System One Setup Video



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