Our Quality Program

Barnes Healthcare Services' Ventilation program includes adult and pediatric invasive ventilation and noninvasive ventilation for chronic respiratory failure, neuromuscular disorders and restrictive lung disorders. Our Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs) provide exceptional training to patients, caregivers, and facility personnel on disease state, ventilation equipment, and how to attend to patients in their everyday lives.

RCPs provide ongoing support in the home throughout the entirety of service need. In addition to ongoing support, they collect data reports from the ventilator and provide monthly progress notes to the physician who is caring for the patient. 

Discharge Planning:
Hospitals have professional discharge planners who assist with the transfer of patients from a hospital environment to a more permanent arrangement, often the patient's home or a healthcare facility designed for residential living. These professionals are either nurses or social workers, and have years of experience in the process. The process includes assessing a patient's ongoing needs and then facilitating those needs with home health agencies. Barnes Healthcare Services (BHCS) then works with the physician, discharge planner and caregivers on how to get the patient home with the right care, equipment and other services that may be needed. These services include, but are not limited to, durable medical equipment, therapy, infusion therapy, and nursing care. BHCS and the hospital discharge planner have ongoing communication until the family and patient are home, and BHCS begins services. 

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We have established ourselves among the leaders in the industry with our multi-faceted Ventilation program.

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