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Transforming At-Home Healthcare

As a family-owned and operated business, Barnes Healthcare Services understands the value of quality patient care. Our value-based care approach is put in place to improve patients' lives and transform at-home healthcare. 

The Barnes Difference 

At Barnes, we take care of people. Our healthcare professionals prioritize patients, providing them with the high level of care they deserve. Our patient advocates are adaptable and challenge the status quo by always asking the question, “why?”

Our team members consistently go above and beyond for each patient. Our approach is personalized, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary. We provide 24/7 service, ensuring top-notch care at all times. There is no task or step that our team at Barnes is not willing to take to coordinate high-quality care for our patients.

We combine pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, community health workers, respiratory therapists, and health coaches to provide a complete view of each patient’s disease state. This patient care model allows us to provide patients with high-quality interventions with each clinician pharmacy visit.

“One thing we're very passionate about here at Barnes is the transformation of healthcare, “said Amanda Martin, director of nursing operations at Barnes Healthcare Services. “Nearly ten years ago, we started what we considered to be a value-based program to help transform our patients’ care and their quality of life. We call that program our Healthy at Home program.”

“We work with patients that suffer from chronic disease processes that are on a lot of medication. We educate them, monitor them, and help improve their quality of life by making them feel empowered and engaged to manage their healthcare in the home setting.” 

Family Operated and Owned 

Barnes Healthcare Services has provided exceptional care for over 100 years as a fourth-generation family-run organization. With a crew of nearly 300 employees, our team members have taken care of patients throughout Georgia and North Florida for decades. 

Third-generation owner, Charlie Barnes III, considers it a tremendous honor to provide quality health care to medically fragile individuals. This company-wide mission across our nine locations ensures compassionate care and trust flow from our family to yours. 

Knowledge Is Power

Barnes provides not only the highest quality of care but also the knowledge and resources needed to sustain a healthy life. Our mission is to empower patients through education, which is why we provide a better understanding of disease states and teach healthy lifestyle habits and choices. 

Through our patient advocates’ knowledge and ability to connect patients to community and healthcare resources, Barnes is able to reduce hospital admission rates and lower healthcare costs. This also results in better health outcomes through increased compliance and improved adherence to medications and therapies. 

Our caring professionals allow patients to become more than just a number from the moment they begin their healthcare journey with Barnes. We ensure that patients receive additional information regarding their health, reducing frustration and enhancing the understanding of their health status.  

These initiatives allow us to provide patients with better healthcare outcomes and improved quality of life. Less time spent in hospitals, physicians' offices, and pharmacies means more personal time for patients to spend with families doing the things they love. 

“I’m an advocate for patients,” said Katrice Barnes, a Barnes community health worker of nearly five years. “I found out there's so much joy in knowing that I can walk into a patient's home and just make their day, just by talking, sitting, and listening.”

Contact Barnes Healthcare Services

Avoid repeat hospital visits and frustrating, recurring health issues, and let Barnes transform your healthcare experience in the comfort of your home. Allow us to serve as your eyes and ears in the healthcare system. Contact your doctor to discuss Barnes Healthcare Services and learn more about what we have to offer today.